12-14 of May // Stockholm

A three-day journey into the new spherical world of virtual reality

May 12

// Epicenter

VR Talks

Join us for talks about the the new spherical world of virtual reality.

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Speakers // Virtual Future

Daan Kip

VR Base

Recently Daan Kip founded VR BASE in Amsterdam with the goal of uniting the several physical hotspots in Europe and to create a true VR/AR ecosystem. VR BASE is an incubator/co-working space, accelerator program / fund and experimental content studio.

Alex Mcdowell

World Building Institute

He is a Professor of Practice at the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts. As Director of the USC World Building Media Lab at the school, McDowell and his interdisciplinary students collaborate to build immersive worlds for storytelling across multiple platforms.

Evgeny Chereshnev

Kasperskiy Lab

Managing global marketing for the largest and leading privately held Cybersecurity Corporation.
Author of the project EARTH 2050.

Yelena Rachitsky

Oculus Story Studio

Yelena Rachitsky is a Creative Producer at Oculus, pushing forward the efforts on creative outreach initiatives and finding and funding Experiences for the Oculus platform. Prior to Oculus, she was the Creative Producer of the annual Future of StoryTelling (FoST) summit

Speakers // VR&Science

Sergei Gepshtein

Salk Institute

As the founding director of the Collaboratory for Adaptive Sensory Technologies at the Salk Institute, Sergei Gepshtein studies visual perception and visually guided behavior using methods of sensorimotor psychophysics and computational neuroscience.

Ivan Konstantinov

Visual Science

Visual Science is a visualization, design and communications studio that operates in a wide range of high-tech fields including science, biomedicine, pharmaceuticals, bio- and nanotechnology, chemicals and microelectronics.

Nick Fortungo


Nicholas Fortugno is an American game designer and educator. Fortugno is CCO of Playmatics LLC, a New York City-based game development studio focusing on casual games. Since 2002, Fortugno has taught the Game Design and Interactive Narrative program at Parsons The New School for Design, and has contributed to the development of the school’s game design curriculum.

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May 13-14

// Dome of Vision

VR SCI Film Festival

VR/360 degree films about Science and Technology

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People & Society

Technology &engineering

Planet & Environment

Medicine & Human Body

Information Technology

Space & Astronomy

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May 13-14

// KTH Biblioteket


VR projects from VR Labs of Universities, R&D centers Organisations and Startups

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May 13

// KTH Biblioteket


May 14

VR Art