April 26, 2017

Interview with CTO Sweden at Telia Company –  Mats Lundbäck.

Can you tell us about future services of Telia and how they could potentially be connected with VR?

We live in groundbreaking times. Your mobile devices nowadays outperform most of your home devices and technology innovation goes fast. That´s why it´s really important to keep pace with technology development.

Virtual Reality is one of the new and interesting technologies in the hands of Telia’s innovation team. A team of sharp brains put together to fulfill one task – verify today’s emerging technologies to ensure Telia is on top what it takes to develop tomorrow’s services for our customers.

What is interesting with VR is the speed of growth. It is happening fast. This also means that we need to act within a limited timeframe. Instead of having a traditional approach, we need to be proactive and prototype, a lot, and fast. This is how we work with VR for example. We go from power points to hands-on work and by building working prototypes to show what could be done. This gives us insights in what it would take to commercialize new services on VR.

CTO Sweden at Telia Company –  Mats Lundbäck

How are you working with VR at this moment?

Telia has various ongoing VR-initiatives. As an established company with a broad knowledge within communications, to start working with meetings and conferences within VR comes naturally.

Another current and exciting initiative is Telia’s project together with KTH. This is a movie project in VR that will be on display at the VR Scientific Festival on the 13-14 of May, where Telia is one of the sponsors. The movie playfully showcases a nearby future and how different technologies can interact with a person. If you want to know more about the movie or how we work with VR you should come to the VR Scientific Festival and watch it yourself.

What is Telia’s next step with VR?

We have, through the hands-on prototyping work by our innovation team, discovered several interesting new services as spin-offs from our VR activities that we can commercialize. Some where we have taken the decision to do so.