May 10-11 // Stockholm


The third edition of the international festival dedicated to immersive technology in Science and R&D.



Welcome to explore scientific knowledge and creativity in immersive ways!


VR_Sci Fest is a unique experiment, where technology, science, and creativity come together to find the best ways of using X-Reality technologies to benefit people around the world.

The theme of the festival this year is <SERIOUS GAMES>
…are designed for a primary purpose other than pure
entertainment, but in the collaboration with game industry. The "serious" adjective is generally
prepended to refer to industries like healthcare,
city planning, engineering, and politics.

See you!

May 10 / 10:00 - 17:00

// KTH Library

VR Sci Talks

VR_Talks will bring together some of the masterminds of immersive technologies to come to Stockholm and share their ideas and projects in which science and creativity are intertwined, immersing us into new experiences, new thoughts, and new openings.

The participants of VR_Sci Talks 2019 will be announced soon.

May 10 / 10:00-17:00

// KTH Library

VR/AR projects from Labs of Universities, R&D centers, Organisations, and Startups.
The participants of VR_Sci Expo 2019 will be announced soon.

May 10 / 08:00 - 18:00

// KTH Library

VR Sci Hack

During VR_Sci Fest we will organize VR_Sci Hackathon.
The submission for VR_Sci Hack 2019 will be announced soon.

May 10 / 10:00-15:00

// KTH Library

VR Sci Labs

At VR Sci Labs we are introducing a lab mentality through which we immerse and interact with scientists, industry experts, students, and citizens to explore, discuss, and tinker with technology. During 5-hours Ideation Workshop we will experiment and create R&D case(-s) for VR/AR application for each of the Sci Labs.


KTH Live-in-Lab + White Arkitekter

The lab will be a fully interactive day where researchers, R&D experts, and students will explore VR/AR application and use cases in the building environment. The Lab will be organized in collaboration with the researchers from KTH Live-in-Lab where Virtual Room Lab is an ongoing prototyping project right now. Which services will we become virtual or augmented? How can we plan or re-design spaces virtually? How can we expand spaces we live and work with the use of VR/AR? All this questions we will discuss and develop to the solution during the interactive Workshop.



How does VR/AR contribute toward efficient and sustainable transport? How VR/AR can be used to facilitate mobility planning and design, sustainability, and understanding people needs and behavior? How can operators collaborate in VR to design connected mobility services that offer seamless travel for users? All those questions will be addressed during the lab day in which use cases will be developed together with participants. The lab will be a fully interactive day where researchers, R&D experts, and students will explore VR/AR application both as medium and tool within the industry of transport and mobility.





KTH + Karolinska Institute + Sahlgrenska University Hospital

The lab will be an interactive day full of inspiration and collaboration where researchers, R&D experts, students, clinicians, entrepreneurs and more, will build the future of VR/AR in health care and psychology. Guided by a clinician, a medical researcher and a co-founder of an innovative VR psychology company, the participants will be immersed in the world of VR/AR technology and its uses in the healthcare sector. The focus of the lab is to collaboratively identify challenges and build comprehensive cases that will drive research and development of VR/AR both for short term and long term solutions.


KTH + MTG Tech

Media industry is being constantly disrupted by digital revolution that altered user consumption behaviors and content distribution channels. Successfully adopting 360-degree videos, media companies are on the verge of another technological wave that can revolutionize content consumption and interaction with users. Together with MTG Tech, experts, students, and researchers, we will focus on the ways to adopt VR tools by media industry. We’ll address the “chicken or the egg” dilemma when it comes to interdependence between content, hardware, and software, future scenarios for content interaction, and reflect on how industry players and viewers could benefit from VR evolution.


KTH + Ericsson

Information and communication technologies (ICT) have never been this important for enterprises. In addition to the infinite areas of scientific studies and techniques used in the handling of telecommunications; intelligent systems; data handling, processing, storage, and transmission; network-based solutions; the concepts, methods, techniques, technologies, and applications related with ICT are evolving constantly in an increasing rate of technological change.
As part of VR Sci fest, ICT Lab aims to enable an environment for students, engaged citizens, practitioners, experts and researchers to brainstorm about the ways to adopt immersive technology and extended reality (XR) tools in ICT domain.
During this lab, we will not only identify the challenges ICT are facing but also build future cases to bring out the opportunities that lie ahead.


KTH + Stockholm Resilience Centre

Stockholm has not only adopted a Strategy to become a Smart and Connected City, but it is also -indeed together with the country- set to be fossil free by 2040. The two initiatives combine to further strengthen the City's and Nation's profiles as leaders in the transition to sustainable cities and regions - but how can novel technology and sustainability strategies be combined? The VR Sci Sustainability Lab will be an leading opportunity to explore how VR technology can be used as tool to provide new dimensions to the meeting of sustainability science, planning, and design. The Lab will gather leading tech companies, researchers, planners, and engaged citizens. Focus will primarily be on the city of Stockholm, with the inclusion of the connection to the rural hinterland. Experiences from working with VR in urbanizing areas in the Global South can be presented. The goal is to draw up a strategy for VR Sci Sustainability Lab, connected to ongoing and expected science and development projects using VR (AR is also welcome!). We warmly invite you to join.

May 11 / 11:00-16:00

// Tekniska Museet

VR Sci K.I.D.S

Special edition of VR Sci Fest at Tekniska Museet.

Vr Sci K.i.d.s. Cinema

Vr Sci Workshop