May 10-11 // Stockholm


The third edition of the international festival dedicated to immersive technology in Science and R&D.



Welcome to explore scientific knowledge and creativity in immersive ways!


VR_Sci Fest is a unique experiment, where technology, science, and creativity come together to find the best ways of using X-Reality technologies to benefit people around the world.

The theme of the festival this year is <SERIOUS GAMES>
…are designed for a primary purpose other than pure
entertainment, but in the collaboration with game industry. The "serious" adjective is generally
prepended to refer to industries like healthcare,
city planning, engineering, and politics.

See you!

May 10 / 09.00 - 16:00

// KTH Library

VR Sci Talks

VR_Talks will bring together some of the masterminds of immersive technologies to come to Stockholm and share their ideas and projects in which science and creativity are intertwined, immersing us into new experiences, new thoughts, and new openings.


Mattias Berglund

VR+Eye tracking / Tobii Pro

Mattias is the Global Product Manager for VR at Tobii Pro. Tobii Pro is a division of Tobii Group, a leading provider of eye tracking technology. He was instrumental in bringing the world’s first human behavior analysis tool with eye tracking for VR to the market and sets the roadmap for future developments of VR solutions. He regularly educates on the possibilities with eye tracking and VR and how to apply the technology to research, marketing and training. Berglund holds a Master of Science in Design and Product Realization from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Timmy Ghiurau

Democratising Simulators, and XR experiences/ Volvo Cars

Leading Unity development and research in simulations, VR and AR at Volvo Cars. With a background in music and fashion, started to pursue innovation and entrepreneurship studies in Copenhagen ~ 10 years ago.. collaborating and working together with Unity, Lego, on various research projects, combining emerging technologies.. expertise in Eye Tracking -The Eye Tribe (Acquired By Oculus), and brain waves, Streaming, investor in tech startups and fashion.


Ylva Hansdotter

XR+Sustainability / UCD

Ylva Hansdotter is a PhD Candidate at UCD, School of mechanical and materials engineering, and she focuses her research on the use of positive and immersive storytelling to stimulate social change. Ylva’s work background is mostly from the private sector; most recently as a VR executive at HTC Vive where she also directed a program to support VR-experiences with positive effect towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Scott W. Greenwald

VR+Science / MIT Materials Research Lab

Scott is working on learning and education in virtual reality. He is investigating how spatial knowledge and intuition in areas of science such as physics, biology, and chemistry can be acquired through room-scale, motion-tracked virtual interaction. This includes exploring methods for directly integrating technical knowledge into the virtual space — which is vital to maximizing the potential of VR for learning experiences. At the same time, taking advantage of virtual reality also means breaking from the

textbook knowledge paradigm so that learning can be exploratory rather pre-baked and linear.

Samuel Lundsten

Multidisciplinary development of VR environments for education / LTU

With background as a 3D Artist with a bit more focus on the technical perspective i got involved with VR/AR around 2012/2013. Samuel has always loved working with interactive media and focused on pushing visual quality to make believable assets/sceneries, and trough that he has had the privilege to work with a variety of projects in both Education & Entertainment using VR & AR.


Petter Wannerberg

XR+Industry+Games / RISE

Petter has a background in innovation, games industry and informative illustration and today works as a research engineer and XR developer at RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden). For four years Petter have been working at the ICT devision in Västerås with the focus of mapping the practical challenges of applied VR, AR and MR within industry companies.

Ksenia Avetisova

XR + gamification for efficient decision-making / TIETO

With a background in user experience and digital service design, Ksenia is driven by bringing the human perspective to disruptive tech innovation. In her current position as Head of Enhanced Reality Lab, she is applying innovative ways of working and design thinking methods to enable companies across multiple industries collaborate, innovate and deliver outstanding results using the latest advancements in technology. Over the past years Ksenia has been exploring multiple dimensions of immersive experiences and their application in employee and customer experience. Ksenia is a true advocate of digital empowerment, human-centricity and equality.

May 10 / 09:00 - 16:00

// KTH Library

VR Sci Expo

VR/AR projects from Labs of Universities, R&D centers, Organisations, and Startups.

VR SCI EXPO Exhibitors

May 10 / 10:00 -1600

// KTH Library

VR Sci Films

May 11 / 11:00-16:00

// Tekniska Museet

VR Sci K.I.D.S

Special edition of VR Sci Fest at Tekniska Museet.

Vr Sci K.i.d.s. Cinema

A synchronized cinematic experience in virtual reality. VR Films in 360 degrees

Vr Interactive Station

An interactive VR experience with PIXAN Spirits of NAAY

Workshop 01 / Hero Factory

Come and create your own hero in our "Hero factory". With the help of Augmented Reality you will sketch your own hero and decide which super power, appearance and personality it has. In this workshop we will use mobile phones as well as pen and paper for all sketching.

Workshop 02 / Urban Jungle Ar

Come and draw your hero and create your own story using augemented reality "Sketch AR" With the help of Microsoft Hololens you will be able to sketch on a white wall. You can also bring your hero from Workshop 01 "HERO FACTORY" and sketch this with. In this workshop we will use Microsoft Hololens and large white wall to sketch.