VR_Sci Lab is a data-driven laboratory for the research of VR / AR / MR and its application.

VR_Sci Lab is a data-driven laboratory for the research of VR / AR / MR and its application.

Building Lab

Kth Live-in-lab (virtual Twin)

The Lab will be organized in collaboration with the researchers from KTH Live-in-Lab where Virtual Room Lab is an ongoing prototyping project right now. Which services will we become virtual or augmented? How can we plan or re-design spaces virtually? How can we expand spaces we live and work with the use of VR/AR? All these questions we will discuss and develop the solution during the interactive Workshop.

Transport Lab

Integrated Transportation Research Lab

How does VR/AR contribute toward efficient and sustainable transport? How VR/AR can be used to facilitate mobility planning and design, sustainability, and understanding people needs and behavior? How can operators collaborate in VR to design connected mobility services that offer seamless travel for users? All those questions will be addressed during the lab day in which use cases will be developed together with participants. The lab will be a fully interactive day where researchers, R&D experts, and students will explore VR/AR application both as medium and tool within the industry of transport and mobility.

Health Lab

Kth + Karolinska Institute + Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Guided by a clinician, a medical researcher and a co-founder of an innovative VR psychology company, the participants will be immersed in the world of VR/AR technology and its uses in the healthcare sector. The focus of the lab is to collaboratively identify challenges and build comprehensive cases that will drive research and development of VR/AR both for short term and long term solutions.


Ict City

Information and communication technologies (ICT) have never been this important for enterprises. In addition to the infinite areas of scientific studies and techniques used in the handling of telecommunications; intelligent systems; data handling, processing, storage, and transmission; network-based solutions; the concepts, methods, techniques, technologies, and applications related with ICT are evolving constantly in an increasing rate of technological change.
As part of VR Sci fest, ICT Lab aims to enable an environment for students, engaged citizens, practitioners, experts and researchers to brainstorm about the ways to adopt immersive technology and extended reality (XR) tools in ICT domain.