VR Sci Fest is the main event organized by VR Sci Group – non-profit international collaboration supporting X-Realities and game-based learning for scientific and educational purposes.

VR_Sci Group started in Stockholm, Sweden by a group of Ph.D. students inspired by Virtual Reality and united by one goal – to explore this technology for visualization of scientific research. This is how the idea to VR_Sci Fest was born, with a vision of creating the first and the biggest festival in Sweden dedicated to Virtual Reality and Science.


Elena Malakhatka

Festival Director

Inna Matsaniouk

Managing Director

Georgy Molodtsov

Programming Director

Adrià Cruz

VR Sci Hack manager

Maria Schewenius

VR Sustainability Lab expert

Almira Osmanovic-thunström

VR Health Lab expert

Myroslava Zaiets

VR Media Lab expert

Hannes Lidbeck

VR Sci Cinema coordinator


Previous years sponsors

Design partner


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