SCATTER NYC will present ‘Zero Days VR’ and ‘Blackout’

April 29, 2017

Their mission is to elevate new media projects – across VR, AR, MR

Their projects rock on Tribeca film festival, attract the most audience at Sundance film festival and make digital geeks and virtuoso from around the World follow their deep art projects.

SCATTER NYC are a team of artists, designers, technologists and producers who share the belief that emerging technology has the power to shape culture. They are dedicated to guiding the path of technology towards positive cultural impact. Their mission is to elevate new media projects – across VR, AR, MR and site-specific installations – to foster critical dialogue and evoke emotive experiences.

Alexander Porter is an experimental photographer and VR director and one of the Scatter team. Alexander is the Co-Creator of DepthKit, a company creating volumetric filmmaking techniques for virtual reality. He will come to VR Sci Fest to present ‘Zero Days VR’ and ‘Blackout’ projects during VR TALKS Gala opening evening. ‘Zero Days VR’ will be shown as a special project during VR Sci Film Festival.

‘Zero Days VR’

A virtual reality project at Sundance is giving viewers just that opportunity. Scatter’s Zero Days VR takes the Oculus headset-clad participant deep inside the facility that was brought down by the Stuxnet virus. As centrifuges explode, viewers listen to a National Security Agency whistleblower explain how the cyber weapon worked.



Thanks to Blackout, an ever-evolving VR documentary premiering at Tribeca 2017, you can step onto a New York City subway car and hear what’s going on inside the heads of each and every real New Yorker in the car with you. Wearing a headset hooked up to a game engine, and physically walking around a life-sized, custom-built train car, you can interact with the other passengers, who represent as wide a swath of city residents as would be on any typical ride.


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