September 7, 2017

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Upload VR Creators Series is a global initiative powered by Upload VR, MTG Tech and VIAREAL platform comes as a continuation of Kaleidoscope VR – the most famous international series of meet up for VR Creators. VR CREATORS SERIES is a joint series of events across more than 15 cities, where leading VR content creators come together and present the latest works in an evening of exciting activities dedicated to Virtual Reality in Worldwide & Local Showcase.

The first Upload VR Creators took place in Stockholm on 31st  of August. Around 200 guests came to the MTG headquarter in Stockholm, among them students, VIP people, journalists and VR enthusiasts.

Event organizers in Stockholm set three main goals for Upload VR Creators Series events:

  1. Present latest VR cases from the Worldwide and local VR creators community
  2. Organize diverse meet up between local VR creators
  3. Have FUN (that is what UPLOAD VR is famous for)

The first goal was reached successfully!  The guests were invited to undergo a movie theater experience: popcorn cups at the entrance, cinema chairs in the room, and the most important, amazing movies that immersed the viewers in their challenging, convoluted but at the same time easy to understand worlds.

Using the technology of synchronization we streamed all content on 12 SAMSUNG GEAR VR simultaneously, so the experience was collective! Thanks to our good friends and partners Great Gonzo.

UPLOAD VR Worldwide Showcase of latest projects made by independent VR Creators:

Testimony is an interactive documentary for virtual reality that shares the stories of five survivors of sexual assault and their journey to healing. Testimony is an interactive investigation that aims to tackle the obstacles women and men still need to overcome in order to report assault and confront the legal system.

Rose Colored is a 15-minute, 360 video short film pilot produced by Invar Studios, for a “Black Mirror” — styled anthology series. Rose Colored is a story that posits the question that, as we allow technology into our lives and affect our perception, what is going to happen? Are we going to enter the world where we can’t even tell the difference between fiction and reality?

Fistful of Stars started out as part of The Hubble Cantata, a live performance that took place in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park last summer. Six thousand people in the audience wore Google Cardboard headsets and stepped through the Orion Nebula as a way to show how VR, something that’s typically seen as isolating, could also be a social group experience. While they were on their virtual field trip, they were serenaded by a 20-piece orchestra and 100-person choir. It’s a fairly short VR experience, but Fistful of Stars still makes a big impact.

Fantasynth  is an upcoming VR music experience for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive that takes you on a surreal ride through an abstract world of sharp geometric shapes and eye-catching neon lights. Pulsing to the futuristic beat of track Chez Nous from French electronic musician N’to, Fantasynth is a work of pure imagination, one that is just begging to be longer, weirder and more intense.

The organizers of the event also have added the best VR project from VR Sci Fest 2017 Official selection:

The Blank Canvas – hacking nature 360 animated manuscript displays how human nature can be hacked at the intersection between biotech and information technology. While the narrator was explaining the most novel ideas around DNA editing and 3D -printing, hacking viruses to treat diseases such as cancer and to deliver genes to specific tissues of our bodies with high precision, a  compelling visualization of DNA and viruses world was building up around him.


What about the second goal – event gathered VR companies, universities and VR filmmakers to share their work, to mingle and to plan possible future partnerships from more than 25 companies and organizations. Is not it diversity?

Bo Gustavsson – VR Director & Cinematographer, Niclas Johansson-CEO at VR Sverige, Maria Schewenius – VR Creator at Stockholm Resilience Centre, and Joel Edström – VR Content and Marketing Lead at MTG Tech opened the evening with their engaging talks about what is being currently done within VR world, offering a wider picture of the VR developments in the future.

Engineering master students at Lund University showcased their final year project. Fancy to navigate the moon’s surface while constructing and deconstructing building blocks, having the Earth at your sight and a user friendly menu? It might resemble “A space Odyssey” scenario except for the fact that the objects are not at all hidden and the intelligent computers are replaced by the players.

Mattias Söderholm, technical artist at OneReality exhibited a rich and living world of the human cells located in the lungs. The journey starts by seeing the human body at different scales and once the user zooms in he gets transported to the lungs where mithocondrias move around. The cappilaries and the cells are so vividly created that one can’t stop thinking about how amazing our body is and how VR content can open up new ways of seeing the unseen. Medical, biology, chemistry students can use this technology to better visualize the small units they are analyzing and trying to understand.

Maria Schewenius, VR Creator at Stockholm Resilience Centre displayed an immersive 360° experience with the help of new technology by SceneTherem allowing the viewer to move around in the favela, to zoom in and watch people working in the Recycling Center, in the landfills, etc. Another 360° video showcased the global warming effects, depicting the consequences of human over consumption and unwise choices.

And what about FUN, watch how was it:



The next important step for organizers is to make  UPLOAD VR CREATORS CHANNEL on the VIAREAL platform to gather best international and local VR CREATORS’ projects from independent artists to big production studios. To accelerate development of the Nordic VR ecosystem, MTG looks forward to engaging and endorsing third-party VR content creators of original Viareal productions that push the boundaries of the medium.

And, of course, prepare the next UPLOAD VR CREATORS SERIE #2 full of surprises, inspiration and magic.

See you in NOVEMBER!


Text: Elena Barcaru