VR Sci Fest goes to CANNES

May 9, 2017

Scientific cinematic VR

How new media might help to define and develop a new way of communication with scientific information.

It is unlikely that any of the students or environmental scientists who a year ago were among the first in to shoot a feature film in VR could dream of a Cannes festival! But it has already been proved that the bold virtual-real fantasies come true at the VR Scientific Festival!

Four VR project from the official selection of the 1st Edition of VR SCI FEST will be shown at 70th Cannes Film Festival in NEXT VR program.

The Blank Canvas – Hacking Nature

DIR. Boo Aguilar, Mateus De Paula Santos // USA, Brazil | 3.58 Mins | Documentary, Animation

The most disruptive ideas of our time exist in the intersection of biotech and information tech.
We’re leveraging the true potential of immersive technologies to make the ideas of some of the most brilliant minds of our time come to life, so people can experience and understand better those fields.

Are You Listening? Energy Poverty In Congo & Amazon

DIR. Sarah Hill // Brazil And Democratic Republic Of The Congo | 8.49 Mins | Non-Fiction

Step inside the stories of indigenous people in Brazil and Virunga Park Rangers in Africa whose lives and livelihoods are threatened by a lack of access to reliable power. “Are You Listening?” is a multi chapter video experience that combines immersive journalism with stories about how energy poverty is threatening lives in eastern Congo and sacred lands of the indigenous people in the Amazon.

Space 360

RT // Russia | 7.45 Mins | Documentary

RT continues with its special series of panoramic videos from space. This time, cosmonaut Andrey Borisenko will show you a module called ‘Cupola’, from which the inhabitants of the International Space Station can observe the Earth.


Dir: Jackie Chia-Hsun Lee | USA /  2:09 mins

Learning basic physics within an immersive, interactive, and rich historical context environment.

VR Sci team will also organize Workshop about collaboration between Science & Filmmaking.