VR Sci fest goes to CINEGLOBE festival at CERN

March 23, 2017

International Film Festival at CERN from 21st to 26th of March at the Globe of Science and Innovation meets VR SCI FEST pre-showcase

CINEGLOBE  festival offers short films of fiction and documentaries, special events on the evenings that will allow the spectators to experience virtual reality, and workshops centered around technology and image creation, for adults and kids. In addition, an exclusive hackathon – the Post Fact Hack – invites the participants to invent and present new ways of communication in this post-factual world.

VR SCIENTIFIC FESTIVAL will organize VR SCI CINEMA during the weekend 25-26 of March at CINEGLOBE and present 3 films from pre-showcase:

SPACE 360 // RT // 2016

At an altitude of 400 kilometers, deep in space the ISS has been the only home to humans since 1998. Find out how the international crews live and work here. Get ready for the first ever panoramic tour across the station.


If only scientists gave us the technology to travel at the speed of light, the solar system would be an open book. For now,         that’s a fantasy, but scientists already know how to play around with elementary particles at a speed very close to that of light. And it’s not just for the novelty – it is reaping very real benefits for mankind.

VOLCANOS // ZDF Enterprises // 2015

Lava bombs, towering clouds of ashes – these are some of many jaw-dropping phenomena that can be marveled at in this 3D-360° film. Truly unique is the infographic section which supplements the computer-generated pictures in photo-realistic quality.