VR-Sci-Fest in a Time Capsule

May 10, 2017

Digital message from Danica Kragic

The time Capsule will be made during VR Sci Fest. This Time Capsule will store one important message from one special guest of the VR-Sci-Festival, preserved in eternity.

 The purpose of this project is to leave a footprint in history. To show the evolution of digital media development and values. VR-Sci-Fest will not only take place 12-14 of May 2017 in Stockholm. In 10 years from now, you will once again be able to take part in some of the most interesting and important conclusions from this epic festival. This historic event will be a part of the festival happenings and take place, Sunday 14 of May 11.00-14.00 in KTH Library.

The guest of honor that gets the privilege to be the first person 3D-captured in the Time Capsule Project is Danica Kragic. Danica Kragic is a professor at the School of Computer Science and Communication at the Royal Institute of Technology, and her research in the area of robotics, computer vision and machine learning are famous around the world.

Danica Kragic & Robot Pepper

To make this happen, VR-mastermind Alexander Porter from New York based media-studio Scatter NYC, will be at place to assist with his “depthkit-techniques”. Alexander is the Co-Creator of DepthKit, a company creating volumetric filmmaking techniques for virtual reality and his award winning skills in VR-filmmaking will now capture Dana Kragic in 3D.


‘Zero Days VR’ project from Scatter NYC

The capsule is designed by the artist Ekaterina Sisfontes  specially for the VR Sci Fest to store a piece of information in a safe condition for 10 years. The goal with the Time Capsule-Project is to preserve one digital message from a special guest of the festival, every festival year. All of those messages will then be opened on the 10th anniversary of VR Sci Festival.

Time Capsule designed by Ekaterina Sisfontes