X-Reality Challenge_01

October 22, 2017

Creating Virtual City

X-Reality Challenges is a series of events dedicated to the exploration of  Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) in the Urban environment.

During the first event called Virtual City digital strategists, CTOs, urban developers and filmmakers had an opportunity to interact with VR cases, to brainstorm and to discuss ideas around the use of VR with a goal of visualizing the cities of the future.

Joined by mentors, participants went through three interactive stations and were able to discuss, experience and design own solutions for the Virtual City.


Station_01: Immersive conversation

Conversation is one of the most important parts of the ideation process, that is why organizers gave a special consideration to this part and invited participants to experience Chinese tea ceremony Gong Fu Cha. The essence of the ceremony is four basic principles – harmony, respect, purity, calmness. During the ceremony, participants tried to understand the complicated through simple things.


Station_02: VR Arch cinema

At VR Arch Cinema participants tried the latest scientific and artistic VR projects that had inspired them to create own solution for the virtual city in a creative and playful way. Between presented VR cases were New York Times sketching project, Zaha Hadid’s urban case, MOMA lecture about organic architecture and Phillips 2030 Virtual city.


Station_03: Worldbuilding workshop

The ideation process of worldbuilding was designed by Alex McDowell – director of World Building Media Lab and was used by participants to create their own solution for the Virtual City.

Worldbuilding is a process of constructing an imaginary World, sometimes associated with an imaginary universe. The term ‘worldbuilding’ was first used in the Edinburgh Review in December 1820 and appeared in A.S. Eddington’s Space Time and Gravitation: An Outline of the General Relativity Theory (1920) to describe the thinking out of hypothetical worlds with different physical laws.


Virtual City: solutions map

The last part of the event was a collective discussion of the different solutions. Using Method Kit for cities participants tried to look at their ideas through different angles. All participants have received the last question at the end of the events: what was the biggest challenge today and the most popular answer was ‘communication’.

X-Reality Challenge was organized by VR Sci Group and Urban ICT Arena in collaboration with Samsung Sweden.

Between participants were: Ericsson, White Arkitekt, Telia, Huawei, Stockholm Stad, Utopia, KTH, NCC, Vattenfall, Toolspace, VRool, Vitro, Stereo 3D, Form Magazine, Atelie Futur and others.